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Fitbit Charge 3/Charge 3 SE

Fitbit Charge 3/Charge 3 SE

Fitbit Charge 3/Charge 3 SE

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Overwhelmed With Enquires For Fitbit Versions Of The Best Scrunchie Bands In The World, They Are Now Available For Pre-Order With Certain Models.

Please Note We Are Manufacturing In Small Quantities To Start & Your Pre-Order Will Be Shipped Directly From Our Factory Please Allow 10 to 15 Days For Delivery.

NOTE The Colours Are Correct But Displaying The Apple Watch Version

Spend Over $30 & Get An Extra 10% Off Your Entire Order!

The Original Scrunchie Apple Watch Band Now Available For Fitbit Made From The Finest Cloth & Best Quality Apple Watch fixtures. 

Each morning you'll enjoy nothing more than picking out one to match with your outfit, and you'll wear them so often that you'll become a “scrunchie band enthusiast” 

Scrunchies are now everywhere from being stacked on the wrists of the coolest teens known to the internet to those who remember for about a decade, the scrunchie was the default way Americans put their hair up.

It's all looking fresh again and you Scrunchapple is perfect to wear as a bracelet on your wrist to compliment your outfit.

You're a Scrunchapple Girl now, and there's no going back...

  • Fits Fitbit Blaze
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