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  • Luminous Space Girl 2 scunchie apple watch bands 38mm or 40mm
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scunchie apple watch bands

Luminous Space Girl 2

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Introducing our new Luminous collection made from our almost magical hi-tech material that provides a dazzling colour burst under the light.

Under everyday light, your band will appear in its normal darkened black pattern, but as it hits any kind of artificial light your band will produce a stunning, shimmering glow of light, making you and you're watch the centre of attention.

Perfect for evening wear, special occasions and party gals!

Under Normal Light


Under The Lights

Razzle! Dazzle! & Make An Impression!


The Original Scrunchie Apple Watch Band Made From The Finest Cloth & Best Quality Apple Watch fixtures. 

When you bring together two things your crazy about your Apple Watch & your love for scrunchies you have a little piece of fabric with some elastic that will have such a positive impact on your mood...
Each morning you'll enjoy nothing more than picking out one to match with your outfit, and you'll wear them so often that you'll become a “scrunchie band enthusiast” 
Scrunchies are now everywhere from being stacked on the wrists of the coolest teens known to the internet to those who remember for about a decade, the scrunchie was the default way Americans put their hair up.
It's all looking fresh again and you Scrunchapple is perfect to wear as a bracelet on your wrist to compliment your outfit.
You're a Scrunchapple Girl now, and there's no going back...
  • 90% high-tech reflective polyester, 10% spandex
  • Fits All Apple Watch Series
  • Choose from over 80 patterns and colours
  • Choice of 38mm/40mm or 42mm/44mm width 
  • One size fits all. The fit is like a scrunchie!
We specialize in the manufacture of high-quality watch straps and other accessories. We are an independent company and is not affiliated with Apple or its related group companies in any form.