5 Best Apps to Download Apple Watch Faces


    Watchfacely is a useful application that lets you download customized Apple Watch faces. The app allows you to browse through hundreds of different watch faces and configure the colors to your liking. It also has a community section where you can share your watchfaces with other users.

    The app also lets you change the icons of your favorite apps. This way, you can have your watch look exactly the way you want it to. Watchfacely has tons of features and is easy to use. This app has a free 3-day trial and a subscription-based pricing plan that costs $4.68 a week.

    Watchfacely is free to download and comes with a huge library of watch faces. This means that you can have a brand new look every time you open the app. You can also make your own watch face with the help of templates. The app is completely integrated with the Apple Watch app, and it takes two taps to add a new face to your watch. There are a limited number of free watch faces, but you can purchase a premium subscription to download more than those.


    Facer is a platform that allows users to change the look of their Apple Watch. The app offers thousands of different watch faces, including ones created by users themselves. It also allows users to personalize the complications. In addition to this, Facer also supports HealthKit data. This makes Facer an essential app for Apple Watch users.

    The Facer app is free for Apple Watch users and is available in the App Store. Its developers are Little Labs, which is an iOS app developer. The developer of the Facer app has a media kit that can be downloaded from the App Store.

    Watchface Albums

    Apple Watch users can create watchface albums using the photos on their iPhone. These photo albums can be synced to the watch via the Watch app. Users can then choose a photo they want to be the watch face. Users can use the Digital Crown to zoom in on the photo, or to select a part of the image.

    When using these photo albums, it's recommended to sync them with your iPhone, since this will make the photos available on your Apple Watch. You can sync photos from different albums, or you can use the Photos app to sync the watch with specific albums.

    Activity Digital

    Apple's new Activity Digital watch face simplifies exercising and tracking daily movement. It features a timer, heart rate monitor, and activity rings that display in a familiar stacked design. Combined with the Apple Watch's built-in fitness app, Activity Digital can even keep track of your steps and calories burned. It's a great way to start a healthier lifestyle or even train for a race.

    Activity Digital watch faces come with a variety of options, including gradient colors, Arabic and Roman numbers, and a square or rectangular dial. They also feature UV index and temperature and can be customized to display activity or other information.


    If you're looking for an app that helps you customize your Apple Watch face, Clockology is a great choice. This app allows you to create custom clocks, and you can even create your own wallpaper! It doesn't matter whether you'd like a retro-inspired clock or a timeless classic, Clockology has a design for you.

    The app lets you upload and manage your custom watch face and even alerts you to the apps you need for different complications. There are various categories, and you can even create your own watch face and share it with friends. In addition, the app lets you see how many people have downloaded your watch face, and how many have liked it.

    Once you've finished syncing the app, you're ready to start downloading custom clock faces for your Apple Watch. You can browse through the designs right in the app itself, or join a Facebook group and talk to fellow Apple Watch fans to get the best designs for your watch.


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