Apple Watch Series 8 Vs. Series 7 - Worth The Upgrade?

    The Main Difference Between The Apple Watch Series 8 Vs. Series 7

    Apple Watch Series 8 features a few new features that you may not have seen on previous models. These include temperature and ECG sensors and blood oxygen monitoring. However, if you already own an older version, you may want to wait until Series 8 comes out before making the upgrade.

    Differences between Apple Watch Series 7 and Series 8

    The Apple Watch Series 7 and 8 are similar to one another, but there are some differences. The Series 7 lacks GPS+cellular capability, and the Series 8 has GPS and cellular. Both will come with a new version of watchOS 9 that includes new running features and sleep tracking metrics. The Series 7 will also get a new Medications app and an AFib history tool.

    watchOS 9

    The new Apple Watch Series 8 will launch with watchOS 9 and will also ship with a low power mode. The watch will also have a skin temperature sensor. This feature is marketed as a fertility tracker as changes in the wrist temperature have been found to be accurate indicators of ovulation.

     Slightly Curved Glass On The Series 8

    The front glass of the Apple Watch Series 8 is slightly curved. This new curve makes the screen easier to read in bright sunlight. The Series 8 will not be scratch-proof, but it will be more durable than its predecessor. Its IP6X dust resistance and WR50 water-resistance are improvements over the Series 7. However, the Series 8 won't have the water-resistance of the Apple Watch Ultra.

    The Accelerometer

    The accelerometer in the Apple Watch Series 8 is better, allowing for more precise tracking. The Apple Watch Series 8 will support watchOS 9 software starting September 16. This new software will give you new features such as exercise profiles and performance metrics in the Workout app. Another new feature on the new Watch is collision detection.

    Case Sizes

    The new Apple Watch is available in two case sizes: 41mm and 45mm. Both versions will accept existing bands, and the Series 8 ships with silver, Starlight, and Midnight colors. The Series 8 will also support cellular upgrades. The Series 8 also comes with a new version of iOS.

    New S8 Chip

    The Apple Watch Series 8 comes with the S8 chip, which is significantly faster than its predecessor. It can charge the Series 7's battery in an hour and twenty minutes, which is 33% faster than the Series 6 version. The Apple Watch Series 7 and Series 8 also have the same IP6X dust and WR50 water-resistance, and the same 18-hour battery life.

    While the Apple Watch Series 8 has more features, the Series 7 is more than enough for most people. Its design and build quality make it more comparable to the Series 7 and Series 7S, and the S7 silicon are the same. They should have the same battery life, too. Plus, you will get the same Watch OS 9 update.


    The Apple Watch Series 8 has a number of sensors that make it easier to keep track of your heart rate. It has the same blood oxygen sensor as the previous models, but it also features an electrocardiogram sensor and a third-generation optical heart rate sensor. It also has a new temperature sensor that helps track body temperature. While these features are great, the Series 7 isn't as useful as the Series 8 in terms of health tracking.

    Battery life

    There are a few differences between the battery life on Apple Watch Series 8 and Series 7. The battery on the new Apple Watch is longer, thanks to a new energy-saving feature. The new Watch offers 36 hours of battery life in low-power mode. However, some features on the new Watch are less useful for the user. One of those features is always-on display, which can consume a large percentage of battery power.

    The Apple Watch Series 8 has a battery life of up to 36 hours in Low Power mode, compared to 18 hours on the Series 7. While this is still short compared to other watches, it is still an impressive feat for an Apple Watch. Even though this mode doesn't double battery life, it can be a lifesaver if you forget your charger or forget to charge it.

    The battery life on Apple Watch Series 8 vs Series 7 is about the same, with the exception of the new SE. The SE is the cheapest model in the new series and uses the same case design as the older Series 4. The SE is also the most affordable of the new Watches.


    The Series 8 Is More Rugged

    The new Apple Watch is also more rugged than the previous model. The front glass is now scratch resistant and more durable. The series 8 comes with more tracking features. In addition, the aluminum case variant offers five colors, while the titanium-case version comes with three. There is also a new Medications app, which helps users monitor their sleep cycles.

    Both Watch Models Will Receive a Qatch OS 9 Update

    The Apple Watch Series 7 and Apple Watch Series 8 are nearly identical in appearance. They have similar design and build quality and the same S7 silicon. They should have the same battery life, and they will have similar feature sets. Both watch models will receive a watch OS 9 update.

    Slightly Bigger Battery With The Series 8 

    The Series 8 has a slightly bigger battery than the Series 7, and the stainless steel version has a lower temperature sensor. The Series 8 offers more features for the same price. The price is $399 for the basic version and $499 for the ultra version. Those who have a Series 7 are still able to purchase a discounted model. If you're on a budget, it may be worth it to upgrade to a cheaper model.


    Biometric sensors

    The Apple Watch Series 8 looks exactly like its predecessor, but there are some differences as well. While the watch is still powered by the same processor, the new device will have a new design. The Biometric sensors on the Series 8 are more sensitive than those on the Series 7, which means they will be more accurate when trying to identify a face or fingerprint.

    The Apple Watch Series 8 also features a temperature sensor, making it more accurate when tracking your sleep. This sensor works in conjunction with the heart rate and other sensors, giving you a holistic health picture. It can also be used to track your cycle and ovulation, which is a great feature for those who are concerned about their menstrual cycle.

    The Apple Watch Series 8 could include some of these biometric sensors. The company hasn't yet revealed any details about the new device, but it has filed several patents for future versions. Some of these patents pertain to biometric authentication, which would eliminate the need for a passcode. It could also feature an adaptive self-tightening band, which would allow it to tighten when you want accurate readings of your heart. In addition, this band will automatically loosen when you're relaxing, making it easier to keep track of your heart rate.

    Another notable difference between the Apple Watch Series 8 and the Apple Watch Series 7 is the location of the biometric sensors. Both the Series 7 and the Series 8 include optical heart rate sensors, which measure heart rate, and an ECG sensor. The Biometric sensors in the Apple Watch Series 8 and Series 7 are located on the back of the watch near the skin. These sensors are less likely to be influenced by environmental factors than those on the Series 7.

    While the Series 8 looks almost identical to its predecessors, the biometric sensors on the Series 8 are much more advanced. For instance, the body temperature sensor on the Series 8 is more sensitive and accurate. It can detect fevers and even ovulation, and even alert emergency services if the user is in an accident.

    Size & Shape

    In terms of size and shape, the Series 8 is larger than the Series 7 and has a smaller bezel. The Series 8 also comes with a higher-resolution screen and an improved battery life. It features the same S8 chipset and a 64-bit dual-core processor.

    Fall Detector

    The Apple Watch Series 8 is also equipped with a fall detector and atrial fibrillation monitoring sensor. It is also capable of monitoring medications. The Series 8 has a similar battery life to the Series 7, offering 36 hours of use in low-power mode.

    Unlock Doors & Hotel Rooms

    The Apple Watch Series 7 has the same UWB chip that is used in AirTags. This technology enables the smartwatch to unlock doors, hotel rooms, and even certain types of iBeacons. Apple also introduced a full keyboard on the Series 7 and it has kept it in the Series 8. The Series 7 has an IP6X dust-resistance rating and a crack-resistant sapphire crystal screen. Besides these features, the Series 7 features a waterproof WR50 rating, which is another first for the Apple Watch.


    The Series 8 is a step up over the Series 7 and is a worthy successor to the original. While the Series 8 is not the best smartwatch on the market, it has several new features that make it a better option. Regardless of your preferences, the new Watch Series 8 offers superior features and performance. So, if you've been looking for a new wrist computer, consider upgrading to the Series 8.

    The Apple Watch Series 8 is a bit more powerful than the Series 7, and it has a number of features that make it the perfect fitness gadget. The new watch features an advanced accelerometer, which has the highest dynamic range of any smartwatch. The device also features a microphone, GPS, and barometer, which detects vehicle crashes.


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