Apple Watch vs Garmin Fenix 5 Plus: Which Is the Best GPS-Enabled Activity Tracker?

    The Main Difference Between The Apple Watch Series 3 & The Garmin Fenix 5 Plus GPS Enabled GPS Tracker Is:

    We compare the Apple Watch Series 3 GPS + Cellular with the Garmin Fenix 5 Plus GPS Smartwatch. Find out which one is better!

    The Apple Watch Series 3 is an excellent smartwatch for fitness enthusiasts. It has built in GPS, so you can track your runs and hikes without having to carry around a separate device. The Apple Watch also has a cellular connection, allowing you to use the watch while you're on the move.

    Apple Watch Series 3 GPS+Cellular vs Garmin Fenix 5 PLUS GPS Smartwatch

    The Apple Watch Series 2 was our favorite activity tracker last year, but we've since upgraded to the Apple Watch Series 3. This new model comes with a faster processor, improved battery life, and a more accurate GPS chip. If you're looking for a smartwatch that's packed with features, the Apple Watch Series 3 is the perfect choice.


    The Apple Watch Series 3 starts at $399 and includes cellular connectivity. It also has an impressive feature set, including a barometric altimeter, optical heart rate monitor, and a speaker that allows you to listen to music while you exercise. The Apple Watch Series 3 also offers 24/7 phone support through the Apple Store app.
    The Garmin Fenix 5 Plus starts at $349 and lacks cellular connectivity, but it does offer a larger screen than the Apple Watch Series 3, as well as additional fitness tracking features. You'll find a heart rate monitor, sleep monitoring, and a swimproof design.


    Both watches are designed to track your activity and provide feedback on how active you've been throughout the day. However, there are some key differences between them.


    The Apple Watch Series 3 has an improved display compared to its predecessor, while the Garmin Fenix 5+ offers more features such as sleep tracking and smart notifications.

    Battery Life

    Both watches offer similar battery life, lasting up to 18 hours per charge. However, the Apple Watch Series 3 lasts longer when using GPS than the Garmin Fenix 5+.


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