Shipping & Tracking

    Please allow 2-3 business days for processing once your order is placed.

    We offer Shipping for all Domestic orders (United States), and Shipping for all International orders. Once in Checkout, you will have the option to select your desired method of shipping.

    All USA packages are shipped with the available options below:

        • USA  5-12 business days Via USPS


          • UK  3-6 business days
          • France 3-6 business days
          • Germany  7-15 business days 
          • Spain  6-10 business days
          • Italy 6-10 business days
          • Netherlands 6-10 business days
          • Belgium 6-10 business days
          • Austria 6-10 business days
          • Sweden 6-10 business days
          • Poland 6-10 business days
          • Greece 8-12 business days
          • Cyprus 8-12 business days 
          • Canada 10-15 business days 
          • Australia 10-15 business days 
          • UAE 7-10 business days 
          • Saudi Arabia 7 -10 business days
          • South Africa 6-8 business days
      • Rest Of The World 10-25 business days 

    This Update Has Been Reflected In Our Shipping Policy Here -

    Transit time applies to business days Monday through Friday excluding bank holidays. For International Shipping, transit time is also valid pending normal customs clearance. This can vary for each location due to the international transfer and clearance processes.

    Please note for shipping to South Korea, now requires clearance ID and birthdate

    Please note for shipping to Brazil,  now requires CPF number

    If the address provided is found to be incomplete/insufficient for delivery, or the package is unclaimed and returned to sender, the buyer will be responsible for additional shipping charges.

    A confirmation email with tracking information will be emailed to you once the package is in transit.

    A signature may be required for shipping methods.

    If a package is delayed, lost while in transit, or a question arises regarding the facts of delivery, we will make all efforts to recover the package. A search query or research case will be opened to initiate the recovery process, which can take up to 30 business days for proper investigation.  Upon resolution of the research case, if the package is unable to be located, a replacement will be issued for the product(s).

    Please email our online support team for any further questions at: