Apple Watch Weather Forecasting Temperature Sensors in Future Editions

    Apple has revealed that the next version of the Apple Watch will have a barometer, which can detect the temperature of the external environment. This can be useful for swimmers who want to know how cold the water is during a workout. It can also help users in a steam room or sauna. The Apple Watch may also be able to receive weather forecasts based on a geographic location. This could include current and future temperatures, humidity data, and average annual temperatures.

    The Apple Watch's temperature sensor has only limited functionality so far, but it has the potential to become more useful in the future. It is possible that the company will expand the functionality of the temperature sensor in future WatchOS updates or make it accessible to third-party apps. Until then, it's not a compelling reason to purchase the Series 8 or Series 9.

    Other applications for the temperature sensor include pregnancy monitoring, and detecting illness. Women might also use the device to monitor their body temperature, which would allow them to make better predictions about their menstrual cycle. Another interesting feature is Apple Watch's car crash detection, which notifies emergency services and their contacts if the wearer is involved in an accident. These features are available in the Series 8 and new SE models, as well as the Apple Watch Ultra.

    Although the Apple Watch has some health-oriented features, it's still far from competing with other fitness trackers, like the Garmin Forerunner 610. It's also still far from competing with other outdoor-focused fitness watches and doesn't have native routing or navigation capabilities. It also doesn't support route-loading. But Apple has acknowledged that there are gaps in its current functionality and is already working to fill these.


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