New WatchOS 9 Features

    New WatchOS 9 Features

    WatchOS 9 Whats New?

    WatchOS 9 brings a number of new features to the Apple Watch. Users can now view activity rings, search for podcasts, and follow or unfollow podcasts. This update also improves the functionality of the Podcasts app, which previously had problems with blocking users from subscribing.

    Quick Actions

    The new Apple Watch features Quick Actions, an enhancement to the Assistive Touch feature set, in watchOS 9. Using this feature, you can respond to alerts and perform various tasks with hand gestures. For example, you can reply to a text message, turn on the camera when you can see the viewfinder, or start a workout. You can also control the music player or dismiss a notification, all with a single hand gesture.

    Quick Actions are toggled on and off, and you can choose whether you want them to appear always or only when you are using AssistiveTouch. You can also decide whether you want them to appear full-screen or minimized. You can toggle Quick Actions from the Watch application on your iPhone.

    Text Size management

    WatchOS 9 brings a new Text Size management option to the Apple Watch. You can now adjust the size of text in real time, using a slider on the WatchOS 9 Control Center. This feature is also available on the iPhone. On iOS, QuickType supports more than 140 scripts. This feature is useful for users who don't know how to write in the English language.

    Apple Watch Mirroring accessibility feature

    Apple recently released a new version of watchOS 9, bringing some exciting new features, including Apple Watch Mirroring. This new feature lets users use the digital crown and side button on their iPhones to interact with the Apple Watch. It also makes it easier to see changes on a larger screen.

    The Apple Watch now comes with built-in voice assistants such as Siri and Xiaolong. The newest version of this software also supports speech-to-text. It even auto-inserts punctuation marks into sentences without the need to speak them. Apple Watch Mirroring is designed for accessibility, but it's also useful for those whose screens are cracked or have been damaged.

    Mirroring works with both Apple Watch and iPhones running iOS 16 and lets you view and interact with the Apple Watch's screen using gestures. To scroll the display, swipe left or right. To navigate through apps, press the Digital Crown or the side button. To use Siri, tap the Digital Crown.

    Parked Car Waypoint complication

    The Parked Car Waypoint complication on Apple Watch adds a waypoint on your watch face. You can set up this complication using the Compass app and view a small compass-like pointer that guides you to your car. You can also add more than one waypoint to your watch face.

    The complication can show you where your car is and how long it's been there. It also gives the distance, which is useful for tracking cars. This complication is only available on the Apple Watch Series 6 and SE. It is available under the compass app on the watchOS 9 operating system.

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