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    Ultra Upgrade Case With Privacy Screen

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    Exclusive To Us: The Unique Only Ultra Upgrade Case With Anti-Spy Privacy Screen Experience!

    Turn that reliable Apple Watch into a show-stopping Apple Watch Ultra with a quick snap! Out with the old, in with the chic. Heads will turn, guaranteed.

    Ultimate Privacy Shield: Dive into top-notch Anti-Spy protection. Keep those prying eyes away, enjoy undiluted clarity, and touch sensitivity as if there's nothing there.

    Diamond-Tough Protection: Our tempered glass case isn’t just about looks. Think rugged, think indestructible—your watch is wrapped in safety.

    No More Smudges: With Mothca Matte Glass, bid farewell to greasy fingerprints. Crystal-clear views, every single time.

    Enhance. Protect. Privatize. Upgrade to a world where your watch isn't just a gadget, it's a statement. Treat your watch to the best - and turn heads while you’re at it.

    The Perfect Ultra Replica

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 147 reviews
    Mark Riley
    Role model after sales customer care

    I bought this watch cover after a lot of deliberation but when it was fitted was very impressed with it. That is until my dog lurched whilst out walking and the lead got caught under the edge of the watch and flipped the case off. Despite my best attempts I could not find all the parts so contacted Scrunchapples to see if they could send me the missing part. They didn’t do that - they sent me a whole new case FOC which arrived a few days later. Not often you get this response from business big thanks and excellent customer service

    Rickie Johns

    Ultra Upgrade Case

    Malika Thompson

    Looks great and awesome fit. Changes the look of the watch. I highly recommend 👍👍

    Gunnar Cummings

    The village is excellent. Thank you)

    Daren Maggio

    Very nice, highly recommend 👍👍